Just a quick update here. You can see our previous June update for more detailed information for our thoughts headed into July. Those thoughts are still the same as until we get are feet on the ground so to say.

The big news thats worth typing a quick update is that the Schofield Pass weather station at 10,701ft is now reporting 1 inch or basically no snow on the ground. Back when we posed in June that was reading was around 50 inches of snow on the ground. So the snow is melting… But it is just behind the normal schedule for melt. The reservations for early July have canceled and we expect to see the first hiker using Maroon Bells Shuttles on July 13. We should have some more detailed information on how everything is panning out by the 13th or in the week before. So stay tuned.  

Here is a screen shot from the Schofield weather station. The red line at the top is temperatures over the last ~48 hours. (looks like I cut it in a way to not show the date and time below that red line). The “SnoHt” red bold heading stands for current snow hight at that location.