Just like that, the switch got flipped. We here at MBS have been out having fun running around while enjoying spring. Then just like that, the switch gets flipped, reservations start rolling in, and now we’re getting out on the mountain passes to help our guests with shuttles. This is such a cool setup, you are getting out, we are getting out, we’re all helping each other and having so much fun! 2020 Summer Season here we come!

I’ve recently been up to Star Pass and Pearl Pass, but this post is for West Maroon Pass and Schofield Pass as that’s what the majority of folks are wanting info on. I’ll have to post on the other stuff later

Today I hiked CB to Aspen via West Maroon. I don’t like to pass much judgment on conditions as there are so many options, or skill levels and experience out there. So I’m mostly just going to post pictures and some captions and let you make your own judgment on conditions. In short, we had a near to below-average winter, a dry spring, and summer conditions are ahead of normal. There is some snow to deal with, flowers are pushing up, and there are only a few people hiking right now, vs the many many people hiking this route in July and August. The rest is for me to know and you to experience.

Schofield Pass is free of snow for 2020! There are no snow plugs this year. So you can drive all the way from CB to the East Fork Trailhead. There is one little bit of road damage at the moment that will make it a little more difficult for vehicles that don’t meet the SUV type clearance. Photo below. This photo could be better, as there is a good sized dip in the road there.

The most significant current road damage on Schofield Pass. There is a bit of a dip there creating some problems for vehicles that don’t meet the standard “SUV” clearance.