It’s only been a few days since our last trip over West Maroon Pass, and the snow sure is melting quick. There is still some snow in a few flat areas of the trail, but that doesn’t really matter to much. The only bit of a challenge is the snow on the Aspen Side of West Maroon. Hikers and Backpackers are making their way through, but there is still some extra challenge. More and more steps are also starting to get kicked into the snow and that is also helping. Another week will make a big difference in the amount of snow left.

Aspen Side Of West Maroon Pass 6/21/2020

The Creek Crossings have been no problems as peak river flow is far gone. I heard of someone calling thigh deep swift creek crossings the other day. I’m not at all sure where they were and every year there seems to be these stories. There are two main creek crossings at the moment. I took my shoes off for one and didn’t get my shorts wet. Barely knee deep and not hard. The other creek was about the same, but I was able to jump rock to rock and not get my feet wet. Those were not easy jumps, but nevertheless, the crossing were not particularly difficult. If you don’t want to get shoes wet, then a pair of sandals are nice. Trekking poles also make creek crossings even easier.