2023 Logistics. There may be small updates for 2024.

These logistics are for your vehicle to be picked up near the town of Crested Butte and dropped off near the Town of Aspen at locations you have given us. If we agree to pick up or drop off your vehicle from locations outside these town boundaries there may be additional fees.


We pick up and drive your vehicle from point to point, typically while you are hiking or biking between two locations. In most cases, we can have your vehicle waiting for you at your destination before you arrive. There are several things we need to dial in so that this process is smooth. Please take your time to read through and complete the information below.


We can pick your vehicle up near the town of Crested Butte by the booking time you selected on your reservation date (6:15am or 7:00am). If you would like a different time, just let us know and we can most likely accommodate it. Typically your shuttle driver will meet you in the morning at your hotel or wherever you are staying the night before your reservation. If the morning doesn’t work well for you, then we can also meet the evening before your reservation.

After you meet your driver, they can answer any last-minute questions for you if they were to come up. They will also reconfirm the vehicle drop-off location and logistics with you. They will then drive your vehicle to downtown Aspen or the Aspen Highlands RFTA Shuttle Lot. The AspenHighlands shuttle lot may be the most convenient for you, the location is linked here. Your shuttle driver will then either lock their key in the vehicle, leave the key in the vehicle with it unlocked, leave the key on the outside of the vehicle in your preferred location, or we can mail it back to you.

Trailhead Access for both the Crested Butte side and the Aspen side: 

Crested Butte Trailhead: From Crested Butte to the trailhead for West Maroon or East Maroon, you will need to reserve another shuttle in advance as we can not initially offer you help with this part of the journey due to rules and regulations. This is about a 40min drive up a narrow backcountry road. There are two companies that provide this service. Dolly Mountain Shuttle, or Alpine Express. (Alpine Express has been unreliable and they are not recommended). They both offer a high-demand service that books up early, so you must make these reservations as soon as possible. If you are unable to get a reservation with these companies, then simply contact us and we’ll help work out the next steps for you.

Finishing your hike:

When you finish your hike at the Maroon Bells TrailHead on the Aspenside, the forest service requires you to ride a bus down to AspenHighlands. That short section of road is heavily restricted. You need to make a bus reservation in advance. You can make that reservation for $10 here. When you purchase a bus ticket you don’t specify a specific time for when you will finish your hike and ride the bus. You just need to have the ticket. The last bus leaves at 5pm so don’t miss it! No other commercial services are allowed access to these trailheads. Once you arrive at Aspen Highlands, you can take a free bus into downtown Aspen, or if we have parked your vehicle at Aspen Highlands then your vehicle will be waiting there for you. Aspen Highlands is a pay parking lot like most things in Aspen and they will charge you an hourly rate on the way out of the lot.

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